Req's just Disappeared

SO i was in Halo 5 selling off some of my Req’s for some extra Req Points when i got a notification saying that i could no longer sell anymore of this certain item because i had none left in my inventory when in fact i still had about 14. However it still showed up on my screen as having 14 left. i tried selling one again, same error message pops up. so i move on to a different item, i managed to sell one but on my second attempt the same error message pops up. so i close halo 5 and start it up again thinking it was just a weird glitch with the UI. But when i log back in and checked on my reqs and the 2 items i was trying to sell everything i had for the those 2 items were gone (Luckily it wasn’t anything to valuable)and i didn’t receive any req points from them.

I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else, if its a common occurrence and if 343I knows anything about this weird glitch?

It happened only once to me. I went back to playing and didn’t sell anything till the next day.

I think the Illuminati has found you my dear friend O_O…