Reqs in Warzone

In the last two games of warzone I was unable to use any reqs at all, but other players were, which gave everyone else an advantage, since I had to use the standart pistol and ar, no vehicles or armor abilitys like active camo.
The req system really ruins my experience with halo 5, every now and then it takes ages to load some days it wont work at all when you want to buy a pack or just open one, but today it affected the ingame experience and this is where I draw the line, thank you for ruining my day.

I’m growing tired of playing halo 5 when the only weapons I can use in warzone are the standard assault rifle and my french fry pistol. It won’t let me use any reqs, yet everyone else can.One more reason as to why 343 sucks

There is an xbox live issue currently affecting games, status alert has been up for a few hours now:

And again problems with the servers? good thing this isnt happening frequently.