Req/XP Boosts

A little confusion here.

So I opened a gold pack today and was nicely surprised by an Ultra Rare Arena boost (Win a game of Arena to get a random boost), so I equip it and play some Team Slayer. We end up loosing the game because one of the guys is AFK and we get steam rolled. I didn’t get the boost because we didn’t win, however, when I went to equip it for the next game it wasn’t there.
Do the boosts only work for one game? It’s extremely disappointing to loose a game and the Ultra Rare boost just because someone is AFK. It seems the more I play this game the more little annoying things pop up that really sour my experience with it.

as far as i know, its a gamble using a win card, but its a big earning if u win, and a minium if u loose

Yeah, unfortunately that’s just how it is. The match win boosts are really just a gamble, I’ve learned not to get too excited over those.

Yeah its really hit or miss, gotta make sure your on an A game team to use one