Req weapons that need work.

So, I’ve gotten to the point that I’ve purchased all Silver packs, like some of you on here, and have been experimenting with the grand majority of req level 6 and below weapons as a result since the game released. Also this isn’t a complaint thread more just taking stock/personal obersvations of guns in warzone.

List of req weapons that I either feel are: Not performing well enough at the tier it’s unlocked, and/or does this weapon lack a reliable niche to use even it’s specific situation.

Organizing from best of the bad to the worst of the worst:

1. The Carbine. This gun is high on the list because it COULD be a good gun in warzone, but at req level 4, it’s just not very good by the time you get it as people already have permanent long shot BR’s on the field, making engaging a carbine user simple, negating any range advantage the carbine usually has over the BR. This isn’t even taking into account the much better options you can use at req level 4, such as the Whiplash Railgun. (nuff said). Bringing this gun down to req level 2 would seem like an obvious choice.

2. The Normal Scorpion Tank. This really isn’t a slam against the vehicle but rather the environment it finds itself in. A powerful vehicle, with a good version of the scorpion gun and with speeds inline with the halo 1 scorpion this should be a good thing to use right? Right? Wrong. Most areas of the warzone maps you use these are riddled with cover, terrain and just bends and turns that make it simple for someone to run up and board you. But when you add in users using advanced sensors, active camo, and plasma pistols that lock on from an impressive range driving the tank begins to feel like a driving an Iron Coffin. The wraith tank is one less req point to use and it MUCH better able to defend itself from active boarders with it’s boost functions. I would take a normal wraith over a normal scorpion any day of the week. Some spawn points like the garage is essentially like playing Russian roulette with spawning a tank. I recommend going to the home-base, and spawning one there. It still gets on the list up high though because it can have moments of greatness if you really zone well with it and get into the right situations, but even if played well you can be shot to death by small arms fire in short order at range.

3. All variants of the Plasma Caster. Hoo boy…I’ve tried to give this weapon an honest chance, but the harsh truth about ALL the plasma casters is even if you get into a good situation to use them, there is almost ALWAYS another gun that could have done it better. The normal variant is obviously the most worthless and the one most people have experience using from arena. It has rapid grenade launching for it’s primary fire, and charge up shots exhibit anywhere from decent to crappy homing behavior, with a sticky properties and multiple after explosions. The normal fire is near worthless, as the shots do not explode on contact with an enemy (why…???) and the charge mode is really the only way to use the gun to any level of effectiveness. The 2nd tier of the gun shoots two main grenades for every press of the trigger effectively doubling the amount of normal grenades it shoots, but it still suffers from the same exact problem as the first version, if they aren’t in the sweet spot range nothing will really happen. It’s charge shots apparently don’t cause an overheat in the gun but I’ve noticed very similar delays in how frequently both guns can shot charged shots. The final version of this gun has a proximity based fuse for the charged shots and normal rounds and the mine charge explode with needler type projectiles shooting out. Sounds cool but in practice is the same at the other two guns…not awesome. The “mines” it shoots are easily spotted so it’s really only good for area denial around a corner in a cave on apex 7 or the spire.

4. The Plasma Turret__. Wow. Just wow to this gun. Imagine a chaingun turret that cost the same amount of req points, but it has NO bullet magnetism, less fire rate, and crappier damage per shot. This is by FAR the worst req weapon I’ve ever used. Loses fights to SMGs, BR’s, and other load-out weapons in a straight up shooting fight. Not effective versus vehicles at all compared the human turret, and is MUCH, MUCH less accurate, seriously, the enemy is at mid range or greater, you lose. This is the worst req weapon in halo 5 warzone. Sell any and all you get as most situations having a loadout weapon and more speed is better. If anyone out there can find a suitable niche for this gun do let me know.

That’s all I have for now, I might make a list of the absolute best weapons from 6 req points and down but those options are pretty well known: The hailstorm needler, the Whiplash and Arclight, The answer etc.

What do you guys think are the worst or most worthless single use req items?

All of the tanks are too slow and the splash damage has been reduced pretty much to direct hits. You can no longer shoot a nearby object to bust the player off you. For some reason you get a tank destruction assist. An Oni tank should be nearly invincible yet i have had them get blown up faster than a stock tank.

I agree on the Carbine. I’ve never spawned it in game because there’s no reason to. It should be REQ level 2. And the bolt shot or suppressor or something should be dropped down to REQ 1 alongside the Storm Rifle.