Req Weapon Skins

Just a quick question , maybe some of you already know…
The req weapon skins, are they permanent when activated? Are they on all weapons since it only shows a picture but doesn’t specifically call out that weapon? How does it really work? Are they for all facets of the game? Or just Warzone?

If if anyone knows? Or has a link with the official word that would be awesome.

thanks everyone in advance!

1 yes they are permanent when active
2 I’m not sure but I think each weapon has their own set of skins
3 You get the skins in req packs then pick it when you spawn with that weapon it will have the skin
4 You can have the skins on your starting weapon in any game mode including arena its not just in warzone.
hopes this helps

All cosmetic items are permanent and available in Warzone and Arena. At the moment the only skins im aware of are for load out weapons (BR, AR ect). I dont know if power weapons have skins that are purely cosmetic.

Awesome. Thanks guys. Is it the 27th yet. Damn!!