Req/update predictions

what is the damn mythic? What do the storm rifle variants do? How does grifball play? What changes to forge will come? What rarity are the 2 new Armour sets? I know there have been many similar topics but this is for literally everything coming in Hammer Storm
tomorrow we get details so start your guessing before its revealed

Yes to all questions. Yes.

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> Yes to all questions. Yes.

Yes is best rarity

I want to know what the weapon attachments will be also. To me, it looks like 2 sets of each weapon which means 2 different attachments. everyone is speculating that the shown one Is a hammer attachment which I agree with, but is it one hit kill like the bayonette? I don’t think the weapons have high enough rarity for it to he 1 hit kill. Also. What on earth could the other attachment be? They already have so many. Extended magazine maybe? But that doesn’t sound like halo. Also the mythic has to be fist of rukt

Only thing I can think of for storm rifles is one would take longer to heat up and would cool down faster. Otherwise. Maybe the other one shoots slower but does more damage or something? Or maybe some needle effect just to have some more needles

I predict that there will not be a patch or an update for the Master Chief Collection. Which is sad, because I lose trust and respect for 343i with every one of these updates that are only for Halo 5. Fix the MCC, 343i.

I think they’re way past that between working on halo 6 or halo 3 anniversary or whatever theyre doing and updating halo 5 every month as well as monitoring it and doing all they can.