Req-uesting a Forge idea

So, now that my clickbait title has drawn you in, I had an idea for Forge that may or may not work. In Forge, we have so many options for terrain, effects, building the buildings from the ground up after making the ground, and the very world itself. In Warzone, there are so many options for weapons and vehicles.

I was thinking that those could be implemented into Forge. Say, when you have a Lightrifle selected. Scroll down, and above the list of spare magazines, there could be an option for ‘variant’. Scroll through the variant (it would be set to Standard for every weapon and vehicle) and each option would appear, like how you change the number of spare magazines or the coordinates. So for the Lightrifle, it would have Standard, Barbed Lance, and Dying Star.

For the non-power weapons this would likely get confusing. So maybe an option for Scope and an option for Attachment would be required.

For vehicles, such as the Warthog, you could choose variants depending on the base vehicle. The standard Hog would have ONI Warthog available, Tundra Warthog, Urban Warthog, etc. Including the Sword Needle Warthog. For Scorpions, it would be the same concept.

A Requisition Terminal would likely be required to add as well.

I am personally not sure if the coding in Forge is identical to the coding which keeps Warzone running, but I would like to imagine that they have the same basis. Maybe all this requires is some cutting and pasting. Nothing as simple as that, I know, but the same idea.

That’s just my two cents, though. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

They were looking into it, I believe. I hope it arrives soon.

Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it.

Sorry, what? I was looking at the title the whole time.

nice title there fam, and yeah I agree with what you’re saying that is a good idea