Req systems for Halo 6

This is just a thought for future games. It’s fine as it is but fine doesn’t equal great and there’s so much to add and I’m sure many opinions on the matter. So here are my thoughts;

  • Have select weapon and vehicle certifications unlocked through commendations. This would give a higher sense of a reward but will also encourage people to work for them rather than random loot drops in a sense.

  • Have individual armor pieces like Reach for customisation rather than slight variations between 10 armor sets that look similar. This will spice it up with actual different pieces rather than focusing on whether they actually are different from each other.

  • Similar to armor but for emblems, have a generic emblem customisation with basic decorations but through reqs you can unlock detailed picture emblems to add or special effects to the emblems (like the needled emblem) and have it set so it doesn’t count as a permanent unlock slot. Maybe have an option to have more than one emblem displayed on your armor. Gives choice and doesn’t restrict it to just one emblem.

  • have tier 1 of all weapons ready from the start. Meaning a basic pistol all the way to dmr. Still need to get level 6 req to use dmr but judging from the forums it will avoid that unlucky wait for some that are level 90 and still haven’t got one.

Anyway I do apologise for the essay, I can go on and on especially with pricing and the 80,000 req point packs but I’ll leave it there. Any more ideas are welcome, not saying my ideas are good at all they’re just my thoughts. Hope everyone is having fun halo-ing! See you on the battlefield.

An interesting idea.

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> An interesting idea.

As long as it improves that’s all we can hope for, we will see how it goes in the future :slight_smile:

How about just not having it? It’s silly, and universally disliked.

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> How about just not having it? It’s silly, and universally disliked.

I rather like it, I don’t thinks it’s universally disliked judging by the forums. How would you introduce all the reqs such as weapons, vehicles and armors, etc. without it? (Legit question, if you get rid of it you need something significant to replace it)

the main issue people seem to have is that it gives an option to pay real money for it. As long as they keep it being unlock able in game I don’t think there’s an issue.