Req system/Warzone

Honest attempt at open minded discussion here: I’ve been thinking about the req system, the collection, the in-game timer, and how it relates to player coordination, stay with me lol. To make it short, what if games like BF1 (or BF4) allowed full team squads and had a req system. Tanks, snipers, aircraft, rockets, etc were all removed from the map and from your loadouts. You could only access them via req cards. In other words make BF4 like Warzone complete with full fireteams. It’s easy for me to think it would be unplayable for a few reasons. The full team squad would destroy the random solo players, the players with no req cards would get destroyed by OP weapons, and if one player is stuck with a .45 pistol while the other has an Apache helicopter it would be carnage. Yet this is exactly what we have in warzone. It’s fun sometimes, but tell me why we ever thought that matches wouldn’t be mostly one sided? Was the game design itself flawed due to the req system? Were full fireteams doomed due to game design?

Obviously Halo 5 can’t be changed, but in order to make warzone better for Halo 6, how should they deal with it? In my opinion the only way they can keep the req system is to go to small squads (4 or 5) or go to equal req timers for everyone. It seems like large groups plus an imbalanced req level leads to trouble. I’d prefer to just scrap the entire req system for H6, but I’m sure they won’t ($$$), so to me they have to find a way to balance the match. You can have large teams or you can have players at an uneven req level. Trying to have both doesn’t work because…well we’ve seen why. If you had to choose between playing with your friends or having a req advantage, which would you choose?

There are a lot of peole who approach Warzone from the standpoint of arena-style competitive play, and those people are inevitably horrified by the existence of reqs. Remembering that Warzone is fundamentally a social game mode means that it’s under no more obligation to be ‘balanced’ than is heavies or fiesta or any of the nonsense that makes action sack fun. That is, if you find that sort of thing to be fun.

That said, would I like it if there was a mechanism that capped the use of power weapons and vehicles by an individual player within an individual match? Yup. Would I like it if the first guy on a team to bump his req level bumped all his teammates at the same time? Yup. Would I like it if there was a Warzone variant that was loadout weapons only? Yup. Do I think there will be a lot of tinkering with the Warzone formula for Halo 6? Yup. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

The question of full fireteams vs. randoms is a serious one, but it seems disengenuous to treat it as a Warzone problem when, in fact, it’s a Halo problem - affecting matches as large as Warzone and going all the way down to Doubles. If they haven’t been able to solve the problem in the last twelve years of Halo, it seems wrong to demonize Warzone now. This game is built around fostering teamwork and I can promise you no good will come from it if they try to undermine their own design philosophy. They tried that with the temporary 6-man limit and it did not go over well. The real solution would be a population high enough to guarantee fireteam vs. fireteam matches. In the mean time 343 has talked about introducing skill gaps into matchmaking where full teams are pitted against solos, and that might well have the desired effect of properly balancing the match. Only time will tell, but be assured these problems are being taken seriously.

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