REQ system video

This guy, Favyn, on Youtube made a video a little while back about the Req System. I was not asked to advertise his video. I only 100% agree with his opinions. It is about how the REQ system takes away the achievement effect of getting cosmetics among other things… Look, I know most people that play Halo have heard things like this and thought about it. Whether you hate the REQ system or love it, I think this will change your stances at least a little bit…

Here’s the link
I’m not ODST rank so don’t haggle me for a sloppy link…Its in the spoiler.

Why REQ PACKS are BAD for Halo and should be absent in FUTURE INSTALLMENTS - YouTubeAgain, I am doing this because I believe Halo 6 can be a better game. The more there is crap like the REQ system is around, the worse Halo as a whole gets.

Opinions about the video are welcome…even from people that hate the idea.