Req System Down

The Requisition System is not functioning right on and off Warzone. I’ve already seen other people posting about it and I’ve lost Req Points already because of the issue. Don’t know if it’s a server or what, but would like it to be fixed. Not happy 343.

I’m having issues as well with my reqs not loading. Question though, how are you losing req points?

Also, I believe this has something to do with the fact that the xbox servers have been on the fritz and having problems all week.

yeah, its been acting glitchy all day. My in game reqs usually end up loading around level 3 and then there’s been a delay on when my reqs I’ve earned show up on my profile. I don’t think I’ve lost any req points, just not getting them right away. I agree it’s annoying and not sure why 343 has so many problems, this isn’t the first time the req points haven’t loaded post match, it’s pretty much a 50 50 shot they load or not. Big title like halo 5 you would expect to work or at least they could figure it out.

Definitely… I really hope our req points will be refunded… -_-

Having the same issue here. Me and 4 of my friends are having connectivity problems(REQ system, retrieving data, connection lost) we all live in the same area(Canada, Quebec, montreal)

Is it working now for any of you? I was able to use the REQ system via Waypoint and access my packs. Bought Gold that went through straight away, still need to boot up the game and test though

I’ve been having this problem since last night. Managed to get it working very briefly at times last night and even bought a Silver pack which seemed to go through, but it’s back down today, and I can’t access Reqs at all.

I’ve been resetting my XBOX and doing everything I can, been unable to use or see my REQs for over a day now.