Req station takes long to load

So for the past few weeks, when I fire up Halo, the Requisitions take a long time to load. I have to wait before starting Warzone or Arena or else I can load up a boost.

Anyone else having this issue.

yes, the req system is so bloated that it loads minutes after the game loads. Not always, but most times.

We definitely need a new UI for the reqs. And for in-lobby reqs as well. Theyre way too laggy for in-game battles and so cluttered that it takes years to find the specific req youre looking for. And has anyone else noticed that if you switch your loadout weapons at a req station you wont spawn with them at your next death?

I can never select a boost before my first game, and the req store won’t load my “victory” req and I don’t get my req points until AFTER the next match… trainwreck UI indeed

My game also wont even show my newly won REQ packs or ROQ points until after the next game. Really annoying!

Yes to all of the above. Interestingly, in a game earlier literally nobody could get reqs. The entire game was magnum/pistol and pickups from whatever you killed on the map (marines, prometheans, bosses). It was surprisingly fun…