Req Server Issues

For the last 3 days I have not been able to play Halo 5 to it’s full capacity. When accessing requisitions, it just keeps reading " Retrieving Data" and nothing displays at all. If I am lucky enough to get into a game at all, I cannot select a boost for the match. If its a warzone game, you cannot access the reqs at all. My game progress isnt recorded, you cannot recall any game information or even look at the game stats from the game you just played. Anyway, these and other issues have been happening all the time since I bought my Xbox 1 and Halo 5, 2 months ago. This has been happening every few days for me giving me more down time then play time, which doesnt really seem fair to me since I spent more than $1000 for the system and game. I truly hope you guys get this game running properly soon, because there may be some legal consumer rights being violated here and a class action lawsuit may not be far behind. You cannot sell a product to millions of people that never works properly then not expect them to do something about it. So for the sake of the future of this game, i suggest whomever is responsible for these issues to get on top of the problem, before there are much bigger issues taking place in court. If you upset enough people and then they organize, then you will have a problem. I would like to see how 343 industries handles refunding the costs of Halo 5 to 2 million people…i think it would be easier to just fix the game. I have never bought a game that had this many problems in such a short amount of time. you guys really need to make this right.

I have been fine up until now, I was playing all morning and then all of the sudden it is unable to access the req system in main menu or anything, so I am just going to take a break, it is frustrating though.

Been trying to play for half an hour now, unable to join anything in arena or warzone, dedicated server error message, unable to join message, unable to access request system message, wtf is going on…

Yeah. I haven’t been able to sign on either. Req service unavailable. Servers down?

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> Yeah. I haven’t been able to sign on either. Req service unavailable. Servers down?

Yes they are down at the moment, 343 is aware and are working to fix it. THere is a thread in the Guardians forums tracking this right now