REQ rarities will be pointless in the future...

Ive been getting confused lately with the whole REQ situation. Yes i understand the basics, its a random loot chance with different rarities depending on which pack you get, but from what ive been hearing is that if you buy gold packs at the start you dont have a chance to get any of the good items, what the hell is the point of that, i mean at least make it so you have the smallest chance of getting a legendary/ ultra-rare, and not so you have to get progress your way up to legendary because that just removes the rare factors from it, because you’re just working your way up the scale, i actually am so dumbfounded right now, and there are no forums on this. People say that you have to get the bronze ones and work your way up to gold, but me being a level 37 and spending my points all on the golds, and buying the premium req bundle and not getting anything rarer than rare or uncommon is a bit stupid. If everyone grinds the commons and bad stuff out of the way then that means the good stuff will be an ease to get and when they have the req content updates like the one they just put out, it will destroy the rare factor like i said before. Sorry if this made no sense because honestly this whole req situation makes none, can someone please fill me in what the deal is.

fill me in pls…

I know what reqs are its just for the future of them

You could possibly get 2 legendaries with your very first gold pack. Chances are astronomically low, but it could happen. Its all RNG.

You can still get rarer cards. I haven’t collected all of the common and uncommon items first like people recommend, but I still have a couple legendaries, several ultra rares and a ton of rares. I think in my first gold pack I got an ultra rare visor.

The recommendation of starting off with silver packs is just because it is more cost efficient to get your rare items for 5000 points than to spend twice as much on a gold pack with a similar chance of getting items of equal rarity.

Personally, I spread it out a bit. I don’t limit myself to just one type of pack.

The whole REQ system IMO needs be overhauled. Like earn more for every 5th or 10th rank up and please bring back daily, weekly and monthly challenges. Also maybe have Legendary and ultra for silver packs but maybe increase the chance the higher pack you buy.

And they are keep adding common stuffs.