REQ Purchasing - A New Idea, possible for Halo 6

Now everyone knows that micro transactions are the latest thing and quite frankly are real annoying. I’m sure that I’m not the only one that has posted this, but I’m too lazy to look to see if there was one posted and read it.

Anyway, here’s my idea. The REQ system isn’t terrible, but it’s not the greatest either. If 343 decides to continue REQ packs in Halo 6, they could make some adjustments. What I was thinking of was something similar to Gears of War 4’s micro transactions. For those that don’t play GOW 4, I’ll give a brief description. Basically, there’s in-game credits that purchase loot crates or can purchase loot crates with actual money. But there’s also a second form of in-game currency…I think I’m veering from the point.

Here’s my idea, while Gold, Silver, and Bronze Random REQ packs can still be purchased, I feel that there’s another way to get certain REQ’s which may help or hinder players. After the certification is received, players can purchase that REQ itself with the points they earned. However, depending on what weapon or vehicle it is, and what upgrade, the way to purchase shouldn’t be easy. The stronger the weapon and upgrade, the more it costs to get it. For example- A single Plasma Pistol or Snub Pistol is say 500-750 or 1000 REQ points depending on what level it is, while a single Helios Phaeton could be 12,000 or 15,000. This will get players to save up their REQ’s or spend money to get what they want.

Players can agree with this or disagree. I just thought of it as an idea.

There’s some existing wishlist threads for future titles in the General Discussion section you can use. :slight_smile: