Req problems

I’m still new to the forums so sorry if I put this somewhere it shouldn’t be or in the wrong category
At 12:48am and 1:02pm I bought a gold req pack at each time which showed the animation but didn’t give me the items, i got the conformation emails and got the charge on my credit card. I really want to know what happened cause I don’t want to have spent $6+ on gold req packs and not get the packs so is there a number I should call? Or someone on the forums I should message? Or do I have to wait for the packs to show? I really need some help with this if anyone member or staff could provide some help on this.

same here but sorry i didn’t know who contact to solve the problem

same here :confused: i hope they fix this problem

Update: they fixed it I was able to get my req packs around an hour after the purchases, thx 343 and Microsoft for listening and hopefully you fix this problem soon since in the future I’ll most likely buy more :smiley:

ask microsft
like have a chat with their help page/people