REQ Points - Stolen, Never Returned

I’ve been having this happen every day that i sell things for REQ Points from the first day i started, and it is still happening, only it gives the points and then immediately takes them away while i am looking at the screen watching the points. do I need to film the game doing this and actually post it to YouTube? this has to stop!, It does it more frequently AFTER I do the cache emptying thing for the xbox system. I’ve lost at least $500 worth of REQ Points, and I’m thinking of discontinuing buying Halo REQ Points or just not selling the items I’m never going to use in game due to this stupid glitch. It is stealing thousands of REQ Points that it never gives back.

watch this: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online. at 2125 REQ Points.

You will get the points back OP, it just takes a bit to sync with server and then they get added onto your total