Req points challenges idea

the daily war zone and arena packs for wins is good since you do get 1000 points for each opening but I feel like if they did a daily, weekly and monthly challenge for multiplayer and campaign like back in Reach would be really helpful to ease our grind for our req purchases and collections. Hear me out. Example below.

Daily mission: Ninja Spartan - 5 assassination kills in both war zone and arena.
Reward - 1,500 req points and a Bronze Challenge commendation pack

Weekly mission: Aargh! - Kill 20 elites in both war zone or single player (co-op too) with plasma grenade sticks.
Reward - 5,000 req points and Silver Challenge commendation pack

Monthly mission: LASO Osiris - First mission with Spartan lock and team Osiris, to resuce Hasley. Complete mission with LASO skull combinations for req points.
Reward - 10,000 req points and a Gold Challenge commendation pack

these are examples so maybe not like this but something like this.

I really feel this could bring the online forum community to come together and make threads to join up and complete these tasks if they do so but I feel it will be rewarding and fair for all. Reply on here and tell me your thoughts.

Also community challenges would be good, especially getting people to play more lower pop playlists.

I would love to have challenges. It would bring more fun things to do in halo

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> Also community challenges would be good, especially getting peo
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> > I would love to have challenges. It would bring more fun things to do in halo
> ple to play more lower pop playlists.

Happy to see others agreeing. I feel like if this post keeps getting bumped it could get attention and spread the word. :wink:

They should just take example, or even better buy the website Halo Challenge and implement it on Waypoint. I’m using Halo Challenge for my personal use, to give me more incentive to play but for now it just serves no purpose…

I think there is a reason why they didnt add it in H5. I mean in H4 ,which was also made by 343, were some challenges which was pretty cool.

This has been proposed many times, and everyone always agrees that challenges would make the game better. Now 343 just needs to get it done. I’m glad they added daily wins, but adding challenges would be great.

P.S. I’m guessing the absence of challenges is just another casualty of the game not being even close to finished at launch.

I really hope 343 includes them in the warzone firefight update.