req points/boosts won't load in pregame lobby

So after about a month hiatus of halo 5 I have returned but I noticed a lot of times my req points/boosts won’t load in pregame lobbies. Quiting the game out and loading it up tends to fix it but recently I decided to play through the match and see if it would be there when I was done. well the match was going absolutely horrid for me so I was wondering if I was having latency or server issues so I quit early to check thinking “hey this will be my first time quiting so I shouldn’t have any ban issues.” well I got banned (deservedly). Getting to my point, is the boosts not appearing a problem for anyone else and does quiting the game during the searching count as quiting early?

If the game loads without any sync errors, give it a couple of minutes after you start it for the reqs to load. You can check they loaded by going into the req store. If the packs are there, you are good to go.