REQ packs: the fastest and one of the best ways!

(before the thing starts, i want to tell you that you will get most of the stuff by doing the things im telling you. so theres not any confusion. oh and this is for people who want to become awesome at halo 5.)
Hi. So today I will tell you the fastest way to get REQ points. First off, when you start the game you will get 7500 req points you can get: 1 silver, 1 bronze, or 3 bronzes. The silver and one bronze would be the best decision. (do the bronze first.) so, the bronze is 1250 req points, silver is 5000 req points, and gold is 10,000 req points. The bronze gives you a chance to get a pernerment unlock, if available. The silver gives a common-rare req, if avalible and gives you 1 pernerment unlock. Gold gives you uncommon- Legendary. Now, the quickest way to gain req points is WARZONE. Warzone is around 20 minutes long and gives you about 1800-22000 req points. Arena takes about 10 minutes and gives you 1200-1500. With a good breakout team, go for breakout. If you don’t have one, I suggest SWAT or Team Arena. Now your thinking, “ oh, so ill just save for golds!” well nope. What you need to do is get about 50 Bronze packs. 50 x 1250 is 62,500. So it will take 62,500 to get it. I suggest to get it fast do warzone or if you want to do arena and get a rank on it, play about 63 matches on it. Then you need to get about 45 silvers. 45 x 5,000 is 225,000 req points. To do it fast do warzone. I would suggest you spend about, 10 hours a day on this. It will take maybe a week to get it done. If you do warzone, you will get it faster. Then you need to do a gold 35 times. 35 x 10,000 is 350000 req points. In total you will get Mostly ALL THE STUFF. So lets add now. 62,000 + 225,000 = 287,000 + 350,000 is 637,000 +500 (from 62500) is 637,500. That is the total of req points.
The fastest way to get reqs is warzone as you can get more than 3000 req points in under/ on 20 minutes! You need to get 50 bronze packs, 45 silver packs, and 40 gold packs which is 637,500 req points. Arena gives about 1200 and 1500 req points! So you can probally get them all up in a year! Keep track and keep on collecting!
(sources: memory, halo 5, this redit post , and my friends (who have been playing halo for a long time.)

Isn’t it waay higher than 637,500 for all the items though ? The reddit post was 3 months old plus a recent spreadsheet on reddit has totaled of 3m or so req points for all the items if I am correct.

Why you put a lot of thought of that, I simply just unlocked bronze until I had most of the common uncommon .