REQ packs problem?

Hey so yea halo5 req packs… im currently at lvl 102 and so far in all req packs i bought and got through login lvls etc. i have NOT got a single Aircraft… (Exept banshe the lowest one and like 3 ultra banshe)… i do not get any i only collecting the lowlvl weapons the gray green a few blue … and the apperance etc… when transportation is its the warthogs and the mongoose mainly i get … far from what my fireteam and friends seems to be getting in their packs. ive now been told to “report this issue” that it is something off when it comes to my pack i should defentely recived quite a bit of aircrafts by now …( i usually cycle packs 4-7gold then few bronze a few silver…and so on…)
pls what could be wrong ??? this is not fun imean ive been wanting the aircrafts since i was about lvl1 and opened the first pack which contained a aircraft one of the good ones… 101lvls +all reqppoints put to packs all Bonuses for levling for wins for daily login etc ( it is alot of reqpacks THATS been mixed buyed from all 3 types the more expensive ones ive been able to save for if they didnt disapear… and it been …)… Nothing… ton of packs not a single aircraft something is wrong…

It’s not really an issue or a bug OP, it’s purely down to RNG of the REQ system. Have you unlocked everything from the REQ sytem yet? It sounds like maybe you stll have a few REQ certificates to get - certs increase your chances of getting drops. If you’re not being refunded REQ points when opening Gold or Solver packs then you’re not finished with the REQ system just yet. I would ignore Bronze packs and focus on opening Silver packs untile they start refunding you 1500 RP cards. After that, move on to Gold packs and keep opening them until you get 3000 RP cards refunded

It’s all up to the RNG I’m afraid.
I have gotten all the reqs but only once have I gotten a prophets bane.


good to know how it works thanks to both of u :slight_smile: