req packs, luck for useful items should be better

at the release of halo 5, chances to land a nice new armor was high. For an instance, at release i got armor or helmets after about every other pack; gold or silver. Now ever since the major updates in halo 5, getting armor, helmets ,customs and weapon upgrades seems rare. The new updated seem to fill my chances mostly with legendary emblems that are really not much of value to me. Aside from getting a fancy needler or new type rocket launcher, items are mostly pretty much useless. Sadly, I could go through several req packs and consider myself lucky to get new color for my visor now. I think halo5 has scaled back chances to get preferred items in REQ packs in order to force players to spend more pocket money on req packs bundles. Imo, req bundles are not worth the value because an emblem with stars on it can be considered legendary while I’m hoping to get a legendary armor piece, stance or any type custom. I’m not going to spend real money on packs when i know there is a slim possibility of getting valuable legendary items.
While getting a few rare since release, I think the last time I got a legendary armor or helmet was during the first month of halo5 release.

Just wait until you finally get the phaeton cert and then get 3 total after 125 gold packs