Req Pack Payout

Dear 343,
I feel like your req pack system may be broken. I have opened multiple req packs, at least 15-20 by now and have yet to receive a single additional visor beyond the default visor. Please let me know if this is just me or does the system need some tweaking because I see many other Spartans in matchmaking that have other visors but I’m just left her constantly disappointed req after req pack. In summary I feel like I have better odds at getting worthy content with destiny’s master engram decipher. I hope you understand the constant agony here.
Still Spartan strong, just feels like HQ isn’t supplying the mission critical tools to get the job done

Yea, you would think that for all the req packs you get there would something for everyone in them but nope. THERES 51 VISORS AND WE CANT GET NOT EVEN ONE!? Its ridiculous.

i got 1 but thats it