Req pack not showing up

So I took advantage of the deal at best buy, get a free req pack with the purchase of a monster. While the game was installing I redeemed my req pack code and I don’t have any packs from it in the game. Did I screw up by redeeming the code before the game was installed? Is this normal? Will they show up later? Anyone got info on this?!

Thanks everyone!

I’m in the same boat man. Put in like 10 codes earlier and haven’t gotten anything.

I downloaded the digital version and haven’t gotten my pre order REQ pack either.

Glad I’m not alone. Sucks its happening. I hope they show up!

im like you but in my case i buy the digital pre-order edition and no req pack for me only the halo channel one

same here, i should have had at least an additional one…

Still haven’t shown up. Anyone from 343 have some insight to this!?!

Anyone get what they were waiting for?

I had no problem with my pre-order ones. I never got the Halo Channel one.

I ordered the digital deluxe and have received all of my REQs. I purchased the controller and got that REQ and got a REQ from Amazon. Not sure what the issue is. I did wait to claim all of the REQs after the game was updated and installed.

Still missing mine. Just gonna count my 20 bucks gone.

This is sounding worse and worse each day. Awesome. Sounds like I won’t be getting my req pack. SWEET!