Req Pack loss

I’ve lost some items obtained from req packs due to server disconnects. Unfortunately for some reason, leaving a game unwillingly causes you to lose the xp or rp boost you have equipped. I just lost a couple high level rp boosts due to being disconnected from the server (but still connected to Xbox Live/Internet) twice in a row. I can understand losing a boost as punishment for intentionally leaving a game, but when it isn’t the player’s fault - that can be aggravating. Can/will anything be done about this problem?

Hey OP, when it comes to things like boosts that you have applied you won’t lose them if you disconnect. When the game first launched you would, but very early last year a change was made that means any applied boosts will be returned if you don’t meet the criteria during the game. It can sometimes take up to 3 or 4 games for them to be returned back to your inventory again, but they do come back (tested this with friends to make sure)

That’s not the case for me. Whenever I get disconnected, I lose whatever boost I had set. It just happened again with an XP boost and I’m kinda peeved about it