Req Pack Change?

I opened two silvers today after the update loaded and I forget how many I got in the first one but in the second pack I got 3 permanent reqs. This happen to anyone else?

Per the patch notes for this update, the first two slots no longer award emblems. Emblems can be awarded in the third slot in req packs now.

> The Gold and Silver REQ packs available in Halo 5: Guardians are also getting upgraded as part of the Memories of Reach release. As the amount of REQs in the pool increases with new Armor, Weapon Skins, Stances, and more, we wanted to give players more bang for their buck. In the case of Power Weapons REQs, we mean this quite literally.
> The first two slots in the packs will still guarantee permanent items, but will no longer grant emblems. This means that your chance of getting other permanent REQs such as Power Weapon Certifications, Weapon Skins, Armors, Helmets, and others has substantially improved as long you haven’t already unlocked them. While the third slot in these REQ packs previously only granted one-time-use REQs, it now offers a large chance at dropping Emblems as well. Finally, in general, players should see that these REQ packs will award rarer single use REQs more often.

Oh cool, thanks for explaining

It happened to me but now it makes perfect sense

What does it mean with the first, second, and third slot?