Req pack bug or glitch?

After finishing a match about five minutes ago, I opened the “Requistions” screen shortly afterward and saw several “new” packs like the classic helmet pack (new as in content I haven’t seen here before). I didn’t have enough req points to purchase it so I tried logging into my inactive account that did have the enough points (out of curiosity) and it no longer showed those packs. I’m confused because when I logged back into my primary account (the one I’m posting from now), it wouldn’t show…so why did it show in the first place?

I’m kind of pissed because I thought we’re able to actually purchase the classic helmet pack directly through the game now (with req points), but then it went away as if it were never there. I also saw some other packs (can’t remember the names, but I believe they have something to do with HCS?) and those are no longer available either. Is this a glitch or are these packs supposed to be available now?

One pack I saw is apparently worth 80K req points, but I can’t think of the name. The classic helmet pack is worth 150K req points. The others could only be purchased with real money. Am I the only one who experienced this?

Sometimes the game bugs out and displays old packs.

Gonna have to wait until they are back in the REQ store officially, sadly.