REQ LVL'ing and use of unlocked Items

First Time Halo Player an here is what I think about it all

REQ System

I feel like the req system dosent upgrade fast enough. By the time I get to lvl 7 the game is almost over an I dont think I ever got to lvl 8. I think this could be aided in a few ways like Do Not count AI Enemies an Bosses towards the over all game points, still count them towards req points at the end an your gamer achievments of course an reward for em still cause the player vs player only warzone is very lame. You have one base to play in an have to stay there making the huge map worthless an not used unless the defending team actually gets beat up. Is not bad to not have AI monsters but basically shutting down your maps is not fun. So PVP should be open map take over all 3 bases an kill the core. Just make the AI not count towards war points for win an the game would be much better cause more people would be able to get higher in the req tiers.

Also when your able to use the req items you unlocked needs adjusting. I find it is always mid battle when either a team is kicking -Yoink- or been trampled that I get armor mod unlocks at lvl 5. I think the armor mods should be lowered to lvl 4 req status. And as for the energy bayonet rifles being lvl 8 is rediculous as the warzone matches are currently set. HUGE JOKE!!! by the time you even get to lvl 8 if ever you not even gunna be able to play with it longer than like 2 minutes. This is very very disappointing. bayonet rifles like the assult rifle bayonet shouldnt be lvl 8 req to use when a battlerifle is also level 8 req to use. this makes no sense an makes me upset that i tried super hard to get cool gun unlocks but I cant even use most of them until the game is more than half over. This needs to be changed also. Make the AR lvl 4 or 5 an the battle rifle lvl 5 or 6 cause lvl 8 req is just to high to ever use for most the players.


So far I have been super dissappointed in the “WARZONE” 25 dollar legendary packs from the halo game. I have gotten gold packs with better stuff in them an that is a load of horsefarts. I paid good money to get super awsome limited edition stuff an got random goodies like lvl 8 assult rifles an fancy worthless tag cards that serve no puporse other than wasting space in the req packs. I feel ripped off on the warzone 25 dollar packs. if i could get a refund i would an just buy gold packs, seems i would have gotten better stuff anyway. Step it up in the coming packs or i will just regret ever spending extra money on this other the game purchase. I like you can earn your packs an that you dont have to play warzone to do it. very nice. The rate of packs has been fair but you guys are not giving out very many sniper rifles apparently, I hear everyone complaining that select few have em. I mean I am lvl 43 now an have opened hundreds of packs an not gotten the DMR unlock yet but did get like 30 different assult rifles an battle rifles but not a single sniper. is crazy to think if I opened this many packs an still cant get a sniper rifle…

About buying packs an selling items you collected. I would like to be able to buy packs in bulk. say 5 packs or 100 packs then open them one at a time so i dont have to click buy so many times. I mean if i wanna spend 200 bucks an open 100 silver packs I shouldnt have to buy individuals for the next 2 hours straight. That goes for selling junk as well. I found I would have like 80 speed 1 boosters or 60 arena xp gain but i dont play it i only play warzone however it is dissappointing games you have an only 2 games??? come on halo 5 brand new premium featured game an you got 2 war options both of which are not even legit yet with only 3 maps, 3 flippin maps that still need tweaking an adjustments to make them fun. yea free maps but you gotta be joking if they are free why are there not like 20 different maps made by some college tech students that love halo. You need more games for warzone cause 2 is weak.Base defense an kill the monsters… i mean step it up guys this suppose to be top of the line game.

Yea just played another round of warzone an the enemy team killed the first 2 bosses in under 10 minutes an made over 500 points leaving us very screwed even though we are winning the battle against them man to man but they are scoring boss points making it a loosing fight not worth playing. you need to add another warzone mode that is open field like this but without points for bosses. i really like the open playing fields of the monster filled warzone but the point system is terrible at best.

oh an stop loading people in the middle of random battles. I keep getting started halfway through a warzone match. I decided I am going to quit immediatly if you do it again. PERIOD!