Req level earned as a team or not

Earlier I posted a confusion on how the req level system works. Thinking there is a problem with the req system cause my team was winning by a large margin yet our req level was way lower than the enemy team. This is the post

Some one stated req level is earned by the individual not a team so it’s not an error but I found on the forums here that it is explained that the req level is earned by the team as a whole not the individual.

> - REQ Levels are required to redeem your REQ Cards in Warzone. REQ Levels are earned as a team, not individually. Things like capturing bases, killing enemy players/AI, taking out bosses, etc. all contribute to your team’s REQ Level. REQ Levels are essentially tiers of weaponry, with higher level REQs being more powerful items. Upon starting the match, all players will have access to Level 1 REQs, which are pretty much your standard loadout weapons like Battle Rifles, Assault Rifles, etc… The higher REQ Levels are for power items like Spartan Lasers and Mantises. You cannot use a higher Level REQ card before your team has unlocked that REQ Level in the match. In other words, you cannot use a Level 7 card before your team reaches REQ Level stated here

So how could a losing team have a higher req level and if the team was playing better to have the higher req level how could they be losing.

I’m confused which is it?

If a team is playing better yet loses then is warzone broken

is the explanation wrong is it individually

or is there an issue so it was a support issue


It is tracked individually. I’d much rather they fix it to reflect the quote you posted because it reflects their claims to this day. It’s obviously not working as we were told.