REQ item purchase charged to account but NOT GIVEN

343, I was told to post this here by Microsoft Account Support, that i had recently purchased several REQ packs on Halo 5: Guardians and was not credited for all items purchased. Apparently this is a known issue, and one you’re able to solve.

I had the same issue and made a post. No response yet though. Hopefully they get it worked out soon. I bought a gold pack and it didn’t show. :confused:

I have a similar issue. Entered the code, but did not receive my 14 packs. Laaame

This just happened to me too, been charged for 3 gold packs but don’t have any to open… Frustrating.

Possible we’re only allowed to open 2 per week like the big bundle…?

Same thing happened here, tried buying 2 silver packs and one gold through the in game store, only received one silver, and tried another silver with the game closed through the Xbox store, and that’s a no show, all through real money purchases, haven’t tried any REQ point purchases yet. Seems to becoming quite common, hopefully we can get an update soon!

Edit: I just went to my open pack page, and after a message saying loading popped up, my packs reappeared, and I was able to open them! Good work on the speedy fix if others experience the same thing 343!

The same thing happened to me too i bought 2 and it showed the pack but as soon as i opened it is disappeared.