REQ delay

Has anyone noticed a delay in receiving awarded REQ points from games that you complete?

I will play a game and once it’s finished I don’t receive my reward until after the next game. It’s the same for when I earn REQ packs through commendation completions and level ups. Sometimes it takes a while for them to appear and I have to back out of match making. There is also a constantly Loading swirling symbol when I go to open up the REQ area. It’s not a problem I’ve had until the last update. Is anyone else experiencing this?

I’ve always had this problem. It’s really annoying, but it isn’t unbearable.

I haven’t played much Halo 5 but last night I was having the same issues that you describe. I leveled up twice, won a game of arena and war zone before I finally received any reqs for anything. For me it wasn’t that big of a deal though, I have like 15 reqs to open and could care less about them.

Yes it is a known glitch. Hope it gets fixed sometime.

I’m glad I’m not the only one having this issue. I didn’t have it up until the last update.
It doesn’t bug me too much, because chances are that I’m just going to keep playing anyway, but it is slightly annoying.

Been having this issue for a while recently. If I get req points or packs from a game and go to the requisitions screen, it’s just loading endlessly. I have to either back out all the way to the main menu or wait until a game or two after for everything from the first game to load. Then the cycle repeats itself. Pretty frustrating. Hope a fix comes soon.

Yeah, going back to the main menu always fixes it for me, but ideally that wouldn’t be necessary.