Req combo

What is your favorite req combo is warzone/Firefight

mine is the smg with extended ammo mod and speed unit and the sniper rifle with cloaking

Mine is the halo 2 BR with the senetel DMR and the extra ammo armor mod and sometimes the speed boosr II

Boost II

And yes I actually have the halo 2 BR

Prophets Bane + The Answer + Speed Boost

And another I like to use is

Plasma pistol (to disable vehicles) + plasma caster

I just get stuff in warzone, I rarely use combos, I know how to use them I just don’t like to. I just get a vehicle or a weapon and kill

Much prefer vehicles but for loadout I go dmr with smg.

Default AR/magnum, then AR/SMG.

4 speed boosts + any type of melee weapon