Req changes and classic helmets

I don’t really like the req changes in halo 5 but there are some ups to it, the way that 343 changed the multiplayer is game changing “literally”. there are new helmets coming out soon, they range from halo CE to halo reach I need to get at least one of them but ill live. the req point change on the wasp sucks a lot because I can’t get it after taking out an elite prime of a solider commando.343 made a smart move with the classic helmets and I back them on that with halo wars 2 coming next month they must fell pretty rushed with both so close together and hope that there next update will involve classic energy swords.

Wasps all going up one level is for the good of the game. I was perfectly content with it at level 3, but now it’s harder for people to stomp the enemy early game with one, which is a good thing. Only change that bothers me is the Banshee and Mantis being decreased to level 5.