REQ Certification Issue?

So I had the Hannibal Mantis certification for little over a month now, but other than the initial 3, I haven’t gotten a single one. Every REQ item I have the certification for, of that rarity, usually shows up about once a week, but for some reason it isn’t the same. It sucks to because I really like the Hannibal mantis. IS this an issue that anyone else is having?

There was a period after MoR where Hannibal vehicles were not showing up at all in REQ packs, but it was only for a few days. They fixed it. I seldom get scorpions still, but I’ve got over a dozen mantid now.

Once you have all Certs it’s no different than having none. I haven’t even finished mine yet and it feels like Certs don’t mean any thing.

They are rare. To give you an idea I have 7 Hannibal Scorpions, but 41 Wraith Ultra’s.

I haven’t seen a spnkr em drop for probably about 75 lvls. So I know your pain but with a lesser rarity