req card just lost

Just lost another boost it was a victory boost and it just disappeared. I’m really starting to doubt this game I’ve been jiped out of something I payed for

Wouldn’t mind some feed back before this post gets lost in the flood. This is the third time something of this nature has occurred for me.

I feel you i lost a ultra rare rp boost

The boosts will go away if you leave the lobby during the aftermatch intermission

Not what happened, we didn’t even start a game. I selected the boost then my buddy backed out of matchmaking and my boost disappeared.

Has happened several times to me as well. I have lost boosts in game, probably three or four warzone xp or rp boosts. Actually have spawned below the force field in the stormbound fortress without the vehicle I used the req card for. When the next player on my team tried to use it, somehow I ended up with a betrayal. I’m guessing both vehicles spawned at the same point, but I was stuck there then fell through the map. It’s all a bit squirrelly. I think my favorite is when you get the whole way through the game and it gets stuck on the “retrieving data”. Pretty sure they’re not going to reimburse cards, so I’m guessing our answer will be we’re SOL.