Req Card Item descriptions

Has anyone been able to get all the items you can unlock descriptions written down. I find myself actually pausing videos from RUL and other players, reading what descriptions I can to get all the information I can on special traits or extra bits of lore.

Has 343I released all that info. Or are we still in the dark till way after launch?

Just what’s out there! I would like to know that too, but I’m 90% sure what I’m going for.

Would like to know the description of the MATRIX & FLOOD visors!

Yea, I’ve done that as well on a few of the reqs, but usually just the higher powered and rare ones. Really interesting reading some of the new stuff they have out, but I don’t think too many people will be writing them down for you bud. Check a wiki or something, more than likely an overzealous fan is writing up as many of the req cards as they can before it releases.