REQ Card Ideas

I’ve seen a video that LuketheNotable did on YouTube, and I got the idea that there should be a forum page dedicated to having ideas for REQ cards. These can be armors, weapons, armor mods, emblems, and really anything. Post any ideas you have. Please, no one criticize each others ideas just because you think they are stupid. Something he may like, you may not. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

I like this topic, so have a bump.

Personally, I would like the Falcon and Troop Transport Hog for vehicles
For weapons I want Emile’s Shotgun and Jun’s Sniper.
For armors I just want Chief’s Halo 4/5 set.

Personally would love to see some brute weapons and vehicles. Totally miss the Chopper. I also think a Spike Rifle would be awesome.