REQ Bundles not showing up?

So recently got a new router, I had a outdated one and it was time for me to get a new one. After finally setting everything up and making sure all of my info for the server was correct (It still is) I go to play Halo 5 and I check my REQs and nothing is loading it just sits forever saying “retrieving data” but never does. Im able to go online to play a game however when I’m in a game i can’t see peoples emblems post game, yet i can play in game with them? Then after the game, My stats are not saved and I don’t earn any XP or RP almost like the game didn’t even happen… UNLESS i quit Halo and then restart it.

Can someone please help? I was thinking this was just a connectivity issue on my end at first but thats clearly not the case since I’m still able to play online games. Not to mention other games I play like Call of Duty work out just fine.

Update* Fixed