Req bundle error

I bought the 24.99 req bundle thinking I’d get 14 packs and it gave me two? I think I need my money back or the rest of them, anyone else have this problem def wouldn’t have paid for two fing packs please fix this.

You’ll get them, but it’ll take 7 weeks.

From the product description:

> Gear up for Warzone and Arena multiplayer with the Warzone REQ Bundle! The new REQ System provides players with an unprecedented amount of choice and strategy. Experience multiplayer with the Warzone REQ Bundle, 14 Premium REQ Packs. Amongst the highest-valued REQ Packs in the system, the bundle delivers randomized content in the form of unlockable weapons, armors, vehicles, and more. These packs provide a greater chance at unlocking some of the rarest REQ Cards available including Mythics - legendary items so rare, so storied, and so powerful that they can change the course of entire battles. Get ready for the next evolution of Halo combat with the Warzone REQ Bundle!* *Warzone REQ Bundle (includes 14 Premium Requisition Packs, with 2 releasing on a weekly basis) requires Halo 5: Guardians game, Xbox Live Gold membership (sold separately) and broadband internet; ISP fees apply. Online multiplayer requires Xbox Live Gold subscription (sold separately).

Emphasis mine.

So only getting 2 is normal. It acts as a dripfeed. You’ll get them all eventually.