REQ bug

My REQs says retrieving data, and it continues to do it even after a hard reset. Clearing system cache works every now and then. Does anyone have a fix to this?

You might of posted this in wrong forum. Also some times the server is just slow either its your internet or there servers. If it lasts for a few days you might a problem. But if its just for a few it should fix its self i would play arena over warzone if its effecting you in game.


System are


I don’t know why but when I clicked A on requisitions it said retrieving data. It did this the whole night well, for 7 hours.

Also can I plz have the last slice skin for my assault rifl . And can you give me a SMG with a bayonet and a pistol skin.

Thanks so much bungie


Yeah, the forum location might be a tiiiiiiiiny but wrong but I still hate this bug, it makes me unable to play warzone and partially on arena as well.