REQ Bases should be SAFE ZONES?

Anyone else find it extremely pesky how in WZFF, enemies can spawn in the REQ bases, but you can’t unless by random? It’s irritating that unlike normal warzone, you can’t select my spawn point, and that when you’re in these bases, enemies can just plow in and destroy you while you’re picking weapons. It’s a little ridiculous.
Obviously on defend objectives, the safezone would disappear for the round, but does anyone else think maybe there should be shield doors around the entrances or something that only players can get through? and spawn points in each base?

I can’t believe the game would spawn you right AT the enemies at times, it’s supposed to keep you away from getting spawn killed or even spawn trapped. It’s annoying in battle of noctus for regular warzone when the final boss comes only to be instantly killed by the Knight Sublimis’s op scatter gun by spawning in the monument.

I just want the spawn timer shortened and when you spawn, have full ammo. Choosing where to spawn would be better than throwing you right in the middle of the battle. It has happened, but not too often.