REQ 2.0 Put REQ in the word REQ

As all Halo Players are very against REQ system and i believe there can big rework and i think this can help all of us. So my idea can be same system how EA Battlefront 2 fixing there token system with points you score in time you live before you die you can purchase REQ. So i kill 5 grunts and get 100 points for killing them and when i die or go to station i can spend them on REQ. So everything needs give point valve instead of this 30 sec here a points and goes up nine. Now i think that everyone has all basic weapons unlocked and REQ version you get by using these weapons. So i use shotgun get 25 kills i unlock Lawgiver which can be 300 points and when ever get 300 points i can use Lawgiver and say i do unlock for Blaze of Glory is i get 25 up close kills and 100 shotgun kills and go on 5 sprees with lawgiver. This can add replayabilty to game and we go for any weapon unlock and wait get card and only have like 1 Nornfang card instead you unlock by challenges and use points get in round get weapons you want. And theirs issue with REQ packs and 343 says o money helps pro league im sorry pro league is dead and that’s different topic for another day.

This idea i think help REQ system post what you like see changed in REQ System if stays.

Feel free to use one of the h6 wishlist threads for your ideas.

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> As all Halo Players are very against REQ system

There isn’t anyway for you to support that.