Republic of New Halos is recruiting!

We are the Spartan Company Republic of New Halos
== If you’re interested in joining our company, clan, whatever you want to call it message one of the 6 people below on Xbox one or on here:
>>Ark Valos
>> WarChild1914
>> Ghost Wolf 149
>> Wolf HorizonS227
>> ShadowWolf 3109
>> HiddeNinja R361
== One of these people will message you back as soon as they can.
= All we ask is that you are
>>About 15 years old (Foul language may be used alot)
>>Have a Mic.
>>Have a positive attitude
>>Doesn’t rage too quickly
>>Can follow orders of Higher ups (in Rank, Director, etc.)
>>Can be serious and or quiet when the time comes on certain spartan company meetings
== We have Three Branches that you can choose to be in. Each Branch has at least 1 or 2 Generals. The Three Branches are as follows:
>>Army/Spec Ops >>> General: Ghost Wolf 149
>>Navy/Air Force >>> Generals or Admirals: Ark Valos & ShadowWolf 3109
>>Military police >>> General: Wolf Horizon227
>>Our Director(Leader) is WarChild1914.
== We are the type of clan that does training, raids, clan matches, and occasionally 1v1s within the clan, so if any of this interests you or is what you’re looking for then join us! we can always use new people!
Thank you for Reading This and Remember to message one of the people above to join!
See you in the Fight!

  • Wolf Horizon227