Reporting Cheaters

Is going to the XBox menu -> File Complaint really the only way to report a cheater?

This one player activated a cheat on a CTF game on Hemmerage (can’t ever spell it right). He drove the Warth Hog in the base on top of the flag. He got on and off the turret and nothing happened. He then got attacked by one of our team mates, but survived and as soon as he got back to his flag, it scored. All the mean time my friend was looking at the flag, guarding it hearing the Announcer’s “Flag Captured”.

Very irritating when people can’t play and cheat their way up. Sounds like life, don’t it.



It’s not rendered and I’m not about to spend money on a company that’s leaving Halo. I’d rather spend it on 343i. :stuck_out_tongue:

So they took the flag, but it looked like they hadn’t taken it because they got out of a hog turret and back in again, whilst on top of the flag?

I’ve never heard of this glitch.

This is the sort of thing they should look at fixing in the TU.

rendering for you :smiley: lets see this cheater

> rendering for you :smiley: lets see this cheater


Wow… I didn’t record it like that, but you can still clearly see he didn’t carry anything.

EDIT: You can also see him couching. Mocking us. The cheating shmuck. -_-

> > rendering for you :smiley: lets see this cheater
> Thanks!
> Wow… I didn’t record it like that, but you can still clearly see he didn’t carry anything.
> EDIT: You can also see him couching. Mocking us. The cheating shmuck. -_-

your welcome :smiley:
now that is very very strange

That’s weird. Really weird. O_o

He isn’t cheating… I’ve seen glitches like that before in CTF games.

Looks more like a glitch…

If that happened I would of also made a celebratory crouch like he did.

After watching the render it looks more like a glitch rather than deliberate cheating.

How do you know this was intentional on their part?

How can you call this “Not Cheating”? Why would he get on and off a turret like that? It’s utterly pointless to guard the flag on a turret in that much space.

Obviously he knows about the glitch and exploited it. I’m pretty sure that if I look at his Game History I’ll see atleast 1 point on his name, on that map with that gametype. That would make it deliberate and obviously cheating.

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Idk how to pull the video but it was my last game in Ragnarok. we were doing CTF in over time 0 to 0 and i was following [CLASSIFIED] shooting him for a long time but there was a strange lag spike so i did no damage. then if u watch the video theres 4 of us behind the base shooting him to no avail. the lag spike continues til he jumps through the lift, lands, and dies. their team then captured that flag and won in overtime.

idk if the lag spike is just very lucky coincidence or if it was internet manipulation but it was extremely convenient. it looked as if the lag didnt affect him just our team so it appeared like he was moving really fast.

Me & my wife were plaing CTF im Hemorrage, a couple years ago and as she grabbed the flag at our base, one of the players quit. Black screen…pause…when we got back to the game, guess what? the server had changed…as well as the home bases. She dropped the flag and…scored, without moving one single step.
Now, THAT, my brothers in arms, is luck.
Never had exploited the thing, since…but still today is one of those memories…
ahhh…good old days… :’) …

You guys think that’s bad? See this guy that me and my sister’s bf caught. I reported the cheater to BS Angel and he’s being investigated right now. Have a look at what I mean I also put it up on Youtube so I’ll give you both two links one to the file share if you want to see it better and the other to Youtube.

Hacker caught on Team Snipers

Whole description in the Youtube video.

First one on my File Share

For better results use the File Share. We already reported the guy but knowing Microsoft they won’t take action BS Angel and her team will plus they’ll hunt him down and find his REAL name. I looked everywhere for his real name and couldn’t find it at all. No record of him here on Waypoint or Comment on your guys’ thoughts on this video. I know many of you seen people do this before looking at Youtube videos but this is a first in my Halo career that I ever came across a hacker(or modder whatever you guys call them to me they’re just cheaters).

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