Reporting cheaters takes more effort/time than it should

I should not have to do an assignment to report a cheater. I first have to get a good clip or two in theatre with outlines on. Then upload it to Xbox network. Download it to my laptop. Trim the clip. Write a full description and details. It’s like a small college assignment!!!


same thing with muting players…too many unnecessary steps


It takes more effort to report a cheater than it does for them to create an entirely new account.


Lol that’s actually true, they need an in game report system with integrated theater options where one can trim and send the video showing how they cheated. It shouldn’t be as hard as it is to report someone, especially in a free to play game.

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Yeah. The person that I recently reported was clearly walling. So I went to his perspective in theatre with outlines through wall’s on. Yeah, he was in fact using wall cheat’s. He was looking directly at people through walls before proceeding to do anything