Reporting AFK Players

Does anyone bother doing this anymore?

I consistently match with the same players who are AFK game after game.
For example, when looking at their match history, they AFK’d 5 of their last 25 games.
343 always closes tickets saying they will take action, and never do.

Curious if the community has simply given up, or if the reports are worthless?

Well in custom games ( MCC ) if I see a Afk’er for more than 5 mins. I kick them. If they come back and they go AFK I ban them. ( 343i’s Lame 24 Hour Ban ). I do the same thing in Halo Infinite ( if it was working )

Now I don’t have to worry about it on my COD and my Battlefield 2042 game servers.
Why? They automatically kick AFK’ers after 5 mins. Maybe 343i could put that in Halo Infinite.

( Note: The Admin/Host is exempt from auto kick. )

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

Wait, is this the Halo Infinite forum?

They only take action if a player receives a a lot of reports from a considerable number of players. Therefore, if we cooperate reporting these types of players they could eventually get banned.

Never have and probably never will. Seems like a waste of time.