Reported for hacking?

(sorry if this is in the wrong place)
Today I got reported for having a lag switch in Haven Team Doubles :slight_smile: It was a really laggy game with a horrible host connection (I was not host, my teammate was) and I and my opponents were definitely feeling the lag. I didn’t do great, 18-10 K/D I think, considering the other players were very low ranks, yet one of my opponents reported or filed a complaint on me for having a lag switch. First off, I thought a lag switch caused the others to go black screen which they weren’t. Second, I wasn’t host. Third, I’m only 14 and wouldn’t cheat if I knew how. That wouldn’t help me especially in the FFA’s I’ve done with good players :slight_smile:

I just want to make sure you all know I’m not modding and that I won’t get banned for this. I’ve never been reported before (that I know of) and just want to make sure I won’t get banned. I know a filed complaint isn’t much, but I’ve had my account hacked and sold once before, and don’t want to be off Xbox Live again.

Any insight would be great! Thanks!

God Bless you :slight_smile:

Xbox Live would be a terrible place if everyone you reported for hacking got banned, that is simply just not the case. When a complaint is filed, Microsoft has to go thru that case and see if there are any modified/hacked content on that Xbox, and if there is, then you will get banned, and they only ban you if they are 100% sure that there is, no exceptions. So, if you were not hacking, but someone filed a complaint against you, you will be fine no matter what, if you were though, there’s nothing we can do for you here.

Oh that’s very fair! Thank you very much for telling me this! God Bless you

If you weren’t actually cheating you have nothing to worry about. Microsoft looks into things before handing out bans.

I’ve been reported for cheating for plenty of times simply for winning. I think that’s where most of the Filed Complaints on Xbox Live come from; sore losers. Every now and again, I get a nice long winning streak across several games, and some jerk reports me. Once or twice I was accused of using a “lag switch”.

Now, I’ve been told that no such thing exists by some players, but I believe I’ve seen a REAL lag switch in action.

Now, what I’m talking about was way back in Halo 3’s Rumble Pit; Swords on Epitaph. At the very start of the game, we had 8 players in the lobby, but then the game starts, I go into black screen, and 5 lag out; leaving just me, a steel-colored Elite, and this real smug jerk in blue Hayabusa armor.

Now, me and the Elite are thoroughly stuck in black screen, unable to move, but we can still hear what’s going on in the game; the guy in Hayabusa armor is running around getting free kills. When he gets up to Running Riot, I called him a cheater over the mic, and as soon as I did, the lag stopped.

Just like that, I come out of black screen and so does the Elite, as if someone had thrown a switch.

Me and the Elite ganged up on him, and managed to get about 15 kills apiece against him; he still won, though. Afterwards, both of us reported him.

If that wasn’t a genuine lag switch, I don’t know what the hell is.

I wouldn’t worry about it, I have been reported tons of times for ‘cheating’ (aka beating the other team) and nothing has happened. Even yesterday I played Halo 4 for the first time in while and after a rumble pit match that I won by 15 kills I got a message saying “nice aimbot, reported”. Unfortunately some people would rather report others unfairly than accept being legitimately beaten.

Glad to see members have answered your questions OP, I’ve moved this thread over to the Halo support forums where belongs. You can continue your discussion over there.