Repopulate the Halo 3 servers!

I’ve been trying to play halo 3 for the past God knows how long but I can only play either social slayer or lone wolves!

Halo 3 is such a brilliant game and we should try get more of a population back, I’m getting nostalgic just looking at the menu but it’d be great to actually play something other than slayer!

Any active halo 3 fans HMU on xbox!

I hope to jump on a little later. I held a Repopulate the Halo 3 Servers LAN a while back and it was a great success! I love Bungie Day!

Started playing halo 3 on mcc but it just wasn’t the same. Downloading halo 3 right meow.

Just a quick thing:

All the DLC for Halo 3 is free. Have at it.

Sweet. I’m pretty pumped for this. The halo 3 days can’t be topped for me. So much fun and good memories playing that game.