Replaying the Campaign and its Missions

I love playing Halo campaigns. MCC has always been my favorite game for that.

However, there something that has bugged me since the launch of that game. It’s that there are no rewards for replaying missions. Yes there are achievements for doing things but there are only so many. While there are weekly PvE challenges, those can easily be finished in a day or two.
Reach allowed you to gain xp for playing missions, but now, all the new games have abandoned giving anything for replaying the campaign alone. I have over 1000 missions done in MCC alone, so take that was why I think this.

I wanted to make this topic to voice my concern there will be nothing for replaying Infinite’s campaign. With how it’s being designed for a more open feel and dlc missions, I hope they try what Doom Eternal does with the campaign’s rewards of level and event experience.
Also let people replay the campaign with the multiplayer spartans like Doom did with the skins. It wouldn’t make sense but it would be fun and thats what games are all about. :slight_smile: