Replament disc

today i wanted to change the disk to see a movie (was the first time that the halo disc leaves the xbox) and then i saw that the disk is broken. I wasnt able to find the
Proof of Purchase so my local dealer said that he wont give me a new one.
I wrote with the Xbox live support and they gave me a link to this page and said that i could get a replacement here eventually but i cant find an email adress or something like this here.

I don’t think there is anyone on the forums would be able to help you with that I’m afraid. You’d really need to get a replacement from the retailer you bought the game from. If you bought with a credit or debit card, you should be able to use your bank statement. I usually put my receipts in the game case so I don’t lose them

Yes my local store where i bought i said the same i already tried to get a new one from them. So it seems that i have to buy it again. Anyway thank you for your reply.

Well you could always buy the game digitally so there wouldn’t be any chance of your game breaking again.